About Us


On December 31,1905 Zoar Lutheran church was officially established.  By 1907 they had a building of their own, and in 1909 it was dedicated.

In naming their church, they chose the Name Zoar.  In the Hebrew language Zoar means ‘small’.  It is likely they chose the name because of what Zoar was for the ancient Hebrews – a place of refuge.

Zoar’s Norwegian founders believed in the power of the Gospel.  Those same settlers found refuge in the body of Christ; brothers and sisters who could come along side of them in times of struggle and hardship.  Life was hard on the North Shore 100 years ago. It’s not always so easy today.

As more people move into the area from outside, Zoar’s identity has changed.  We are still a Lutheran Church, but more and more we find ourselves also a kind of community church, where people of various backgrounds and denominational affiliations live united in Christ.

Come experience the power of the Gospel and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ!


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