Youth and Family Night

Each Tuesday we invite area youth and local and visiting families to join us for a light meal, fun, and fellowship at 6:00 PM.  Youth and families of all ages are welcome!  Here’s a rundown of each Tuesday –

  • The first Tuesday of each month will be Game Night.  Foosball, pool, air hockey, cards, and board games are all in the mix.  Nothing deep here – just pizza, Christian fellowship and some friendly competition!
  • The second Tuesday of each month will be Bible Skit Night.  Have fun playing group drama games and exploring God’s word through skits and role playing.  The Bible is full of zany characters and high drama.  No pressure, no previous acting experience required – all fun!  A light meal will be served.
  • The third Tuesday of each month will be Family Worship.  Gather for an informal worship experience with contemporary Christian music and a message especially for youth and families.  Designed especially for busy families from the area who might not have the opportunity to worship with us on Sundays, but open to all!
  • The fourth Tuesday of each month will be Movie Night.  We will watch Christian films and films through which we can explore living our faith.  Popcorn will be served and we hope lively conversation will spring forth!

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